MODULE 5: Measuring progress

This Module looks at what we collect to track the progress of efforts to improve HIV and SR Health among KPs, how this data is used and what changes are made in our work as a result.

To make this session as practical as possible, try to have someone from the national agency responsible for collecting and reporting on the HIV and SRH data available to co-facilitate. That way the discussion can be about what is actually being done in country rather than on the theory of M&E.

The Module also asks participants to identify data gaps that, if filled, would assist them to carry out their interventions more effectively.





  • Session 1: Data Flows, M&E and reflective practice

    Session 1 begins with short Powerpoint presentation on M&E followed by an exercise in data flows. Ask small groups to come up with a diagram that shows how data and information moves between KPs, the HIV & SRH implementing agencies and the provincial and national programme. Be specific about what is collected and identify some key data gaps and duplication of effort.

    Then facilitate a discussion about how this data is used - does it return to implementing agencies to assist them to refine their programmes?

    Use the report-back from the groups to engender discussion about more effective and efficient ways to collect, analyze and use data.