Making a plan to work together

One of the strengths of this workshop process is that it brings together people from different sectors at provincial or district level and encourages them to work together to better understand the needs of people from KPs and plan approaches and services that improve access, quality of care and HIV and SRH outcomes.


In this last Module, participants work together to identify a set of activities that they can do together in the six months following the workshop to improved collaboration and access. Services and local jurisdictions already have their own planning processes and plans (in line with national HIV and Health Strategies), and we are not trying to replace these – we are just trying to distil out of the discussions of the last four days some key things that can be done to address some of the main obstacles and barriers that were identified as impacting on service access and attachment.  

  • Session 1: Group work to make a local plan to address immediate priorities

    In this Session participants from a particular area (District/province/national stakeholder group) reflect on the issues and problems that they have discussed throughout the workshop, and on the models and innovations that have been presented. The plans that are drawn up in this session should be time-limited (say 6 months), involve practical collaboration to better integrate HIV and SRH and be focused on measurable outcomes. It is not intended that these plans replace existing long-term plans - they are just meant to cover the additional collaboration that will address some high-priority issues affecting access to services and health outcomes for KPs in the short to medium term. (see examples of plans ----> )

    If District and Provincial groups come up with things that need to be immediately addressed at national level (such as identity paper issues, or the need for national Circulars on policy issues) they can identify them separately and pass them on to national participants.

    Groups report back their plans to the whole group in Session 2 and then these form part of a general report back to host agencies in the closing session.